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Nazca & Paracas

Nazca: 520m/ 1,706 ft
Paracas: Sea level
Best time to visit: All Year


It is located in the central-southern Peru, capital of the province of Nazca, located on the right bank of Aja River, a tributary of the Rio Grande. It is located 450 km south of Lima in a narrow valley. It is a very active city, due to the daily influx of tourists visiting the ancient Nazca Lines, and mining development, agriculture and trade in the area.It is also known for producing Pisco at Hacienda Cahuachi.

Main attractions:

Nazca Lines

located in the Pampa of San Jose along the southern coastal valleys of Peru, about six hours from Lima. Nazca’s extraordinary geo-glyphs are the main attraction. The lines are thought to have been created by three different waves of pre-Inca cultures: the Paracas people (900-200 BC), the Nazca civilization (200 BC - AD 600), and the Huari (AD 630). These immense representations of animal, human, and geometric shapes are spread across more than 200 square miles between the Nazca and Ingenio Rivers.
Cahuachi, citadel and ancient ceremonial center of the Nazca, two adobe pyramids, very close to this is a place called Estaqueria, where he retains stakes in carob can still be seen embedded in the sand.
Chauchilla Cemetery, located 10 km south of the city of Nazca, contains ceramics and pre-Inca mummies.


It is 75 km from Ica and 261 km from Lima. The beautiful Paracas Bay, on the southern coast of Peru, is a short drive from the city of Ica and easily accessible from Lima. The region boasts a breathtaking seaside, sunny climate, and varied marine wildlife that you can admire in the National Reserve of Paracas or during a boat tour around the Ballestas Islands. For a relaxing beach getaway with plenty of sunbathing, Paracas cannot be beat.
Just 9 miles (15 km) from the port of Pisco is the Paracas Natural Reserve, which covers more than 335,000 hectares of land and water. The reserve is home to one of the largest sea lion colonies on earth as well as an immense concentration of marine birds (over 220 species) and other wildlife.

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