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Altitude: 3,460m / 11,155 ft.
Best time to visit: March –December

Cusco is without a doubt the most beautiful city in Peru and possibly South America. Once the heart of the Inca Empire, It was considered the navel of the earth, the capital of Tahuantinsuyo or the Inca Empire, an empire that at its peak stretched north to the south of Colombia, South to northern Chile and Argentina, and West across the Andes to the Amazon basin. Cusco’s city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today Cusco is the modern-day starting point for visits to Peru’s most famous site, Machu Picchu. Cusco, the Urubamba or Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu constitute Peru's main tourist destination for a reason. They are the highlights of any visit to Peru.

The Incas were outstanding stonemasons and town planners. In Cusco you will be able to observe the skill and exquisiteness of this work on the many walls that serves as foundations to colonial buildings. The colonial buildings themselves are among the finest in the Americas. The crisp air, the surrounding mountains and the clear Andean sky provide the perfect backdrop to Cusco's cobbled narrow streets, its lovely buildings and plazas, its many hidden treasures and churches. It is not only culturally fascinating and beautiful to look at, but also extremely pleasant to wander around and be in the city itself.



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