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Electricity and Power Adaptors in Peru

The voltage in Peru
The whole electric system of Peru is of 220 volts and 60 cycles. Some hotels of 5 and 4 stars have additionally electric systems of 110 volts. Take the caution of verifying the voltage of hair dryer, razors, sound systems, loaders of batteries of notebook computers, video camera recording, etc. Many of these items are now made with dual-voltage capacity. If it is not, it will require a transformer 220/110 volt for its correct use in Peru. It is very common to find these at the stores in Peru should you forget to bring your own.

Adaptors can be easily found here, if needed. It is rare to find outlets for grounded plugs (those with three pins) or for those that have one blade wider than the other.

Some travel transformers are also adapters and for ease of use these are recommended instead of buying a separate transformer and adaptor.

In general, most outlets in Peru use 220 volts. Most 4 and 5-star hotels have outlets equipped for 110 volts. Most outlets use two types of plugs, which are shown below: